Our practice is extremely excited to announce the fulltime addition of Dr. Jeremy Nelson
to our team. After 30 years of practicing dentistry, I have finally met someone who
shares my passion for personal, quality-focused, comprehensive and cosmetic dentistry.
In the unfortunate age of corporate dentistry trends, Dr. Nelson and I believe in the fight
to maintain the excellence that private practice dentistry offers. Dr. Nelson brings to the
practice the technical skills, experience, cutting-edge knowledge, and caring energy our
patients have come to expect.

After receiving multiple undergraduate degrees in chemical science, business
management, and entrepreneurial studies from Xavier University, Dr. Nelson went on
to get a Masters Degree in Anatomy from Wright State University. There he served as
a graduate teaching assistant for the medical school. He completed his Dental Surgery
Degree through Creighton University. As a Beavercreek native, Dr. Nelson is excited to
extend our tradition and give back to the community. He is motivated to help take the
best staff we have had in my 30 years to the next level, which is a definite win for all of
our patients. The immediate impact will be noticed with quicker access to treatments,
emergency care, and additional Friday office hours. As a father of three, Dr. Nelson and
his wife, Julia, appreciate the importance of family-oriented healthcare. To put it simply,
it is refreshing and humbling that Dr. Nelson is me 25 years ago.
Please share my confidence in Dr. Nelson as we take a team approach to diagnosis and
treatment plans in our patient’s best interests. Dr. Nelson is simply the “real deal”
and will enhance our ability to provide premium dental services to Beavercreek and the
surrounding areas for years to come.